While the National Debate on Energy Transition is coming to an end, the deep malfunctions of the European electricity market have been illustrated by the negative bulk prices noticed on June 16th 2013 in France. In view of its overcapacity in power generation and in a context of economic downturn that depressed demand in Europe, the reform of the supportive plan to certain sectors (cogeneration, wind energy, solar energy) is becoming a major and pressing issue. The increasing cost of the plan, financed by consumers through the CSPE in unsustainable conditions, forces the stakeholders involved to think about a new supportive plan for these sectors. In a detailed note, available on its website, the AFIEG proposes in particular to replace purchasing obligation contracts by a fix capacity premium. This note is one of the many propositions of its white paper “propositions for a shared energy transition” that will be unveiled to the press on June 27th.

Download the press release in PDF format (in French)

Download the position paper in PDF format (in French)